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FG-BA Cold light sheet

Batch customization and production of various sizes of backlight cold light source, suitable for LCD backlight, module backlight, lighting, light box, sign, etc.
  • Product Feature
    1.Super Flat,the thickness of EL Panel is only 0.2-0.4mm
    2.The surface brightness is the same, and the brightness is uniform, soft, non-scattering, non-fever, no harm to human body.
    3.It can bend, paste or hang freely, and can make various kinds of pictures and words with different specifications.
    4.Soft light, pure light and rich color will not cause any stimulation to people's vision.
    5.Strong penetration and high visibility. Especially suitable for rainy and foggy days when the line of sight conditions are very poor.
    6.Waterproof, shockproof, high temperature resistance (60°C), low temperature resistance (﹣40°C) green environmental protection light source未标题-2未标题-3未标题-5背光包装

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